Our prime purpose

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” ~Dalai Lama

“If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along.” ~Wayne W. Dyer

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On Purpose

“The great and glorious masterpiece of humanity

is to know how to live with a purpose.” ~Montaigne


“With a purpose, everything in life seems to fall into place. To be “on purpose” means you’re doing what you love to do, doing what you’re good at and accomplishing what’s important to you.

“When you truly are on purpose, the people, resources, and opportunities you need naturally gravitate toward you.

“The world benefits, too, because when you act in alignment with your true life purpose, all of your actions automatically serve others.”

~ Jack Canfield, The Success Principles


“You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

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Willpower with a Poem

determined soul Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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Will, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

(first published 1897)

There is no chance, no destiny, no fate,

Can circumvent or hinder or control

The firm resolve of a determined soul. 

Gifts count for nothing; will alone is great;

All things give way before it, soon or late. 

What obstacle can stay the mighty force 

Of the sea-seeking river in its course, 

Or cause the ascending orb of day to wait? 

Each well-born soul must win what it deserves. 

Let the fool prate of luck. The fortunate 

Is he whose earnest purpose never swerves, 

Whose slightest action or inaction serves 

The one great aim. Why, even Death stands still, 

And waits an hour sometimes for such a will.

Poetical works of Ella Wheeler Wilcox. by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Edinburgh : W. P. Nimmo, Hay, & Mitchell, Second Edition 1917.
Source: Ella Wheeler Wilcox Society


This poetess has been a hero of mine since I discovered her writings when I was fifteen years old. Her ‘Winds of Fate’ was one of the first I ever memorized. This poem ‘Will’ also resonates deeply and when I came upon this astounding photograph with an excerpt from her poem, the timing felt perfect. I’ll soon share more works of the talented Ella Wheeler Wilcox from my almost 100-year-old poetry book “Poems of Pleasure” (one of my most cherished antique books). May these timeless words stir awake that inner hero ‘Willpower’. Let’s claim our own determined resolve and know that we have the ability to make our dreams into reality.

Create Your Life

With stammering lips and insufficient sounds,

I strive and struggle to deliver right

the music of my nature…

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that we become rich!” ~ Sarah Bernhardt


“But if you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you create yourself.”          ~ Carl Jung

yourpurposeToday realize that Great Spirit has no hands, head, or heart like yours. No one else on earth can do what you alone are called to do or can give to the world what you alone were sent to share through your authentic gifts.

It is through the expression and sharing of your gifts that you will feel fulfilled. Your gifts want to be expressed, and the use of them makes you feel good. Your gifts are God’s gift to you and the expression of your gifts truly help heal every aspect of your life. 
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