Like a dog loves

“I want to love like a dog, with unabashed devotion and complete lack of concern about what people do for a living, how much money they have, or how much they weigh.” ~Oprah Winfrey

“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.” ~Mark Twain


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Pet Smiles

You may have seen some or all of these images before but I feel it’s time for some funnies! Here are a few humorous images of dogs and cats. They make me smile and I hope they bring a smile to your face as well. Hang in there! xo Hugs, Gina

alluneedislove-and a dog






IKEA cat






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It’s often been said that we have much to learn from animals. Especially our pets, these beloved animals who have lived closely with us humans for long enough to have many things to teach us. My dog is teaching me acceptance right now.

light in the darkTen days ago I knew nothing about sudden blindness in dogs. Now I know an acronym SARD stands for Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration. It’s a canine disease that causes incurable and irreversible blindness within days, or a couple of weeks at most.

In the past few days my seven-years-young, medium sized mixed-breed spayed female dog has gone blind. Completely blind. It’s not cataracts or glaucoma which brings darkness gradually, or can be corrected. This event has been sudden and complete. It could be a side effect of the near-death starvation she suffered in her youth before I rescued her. Regardless of what caused it, she is my canine-daughter and we’re in this together.

She looks beautiful in her new pink harness with the padded breastplate and has quickly adjusted to walking briskly beside me instead of leading the way. When we get to the green off-leash space, there might be no more games of fetch but she happily runs beside me! We slow to a walk and I watch her happily stretch her limbs and smell the world. She has always been very attached to me so it’s not a huge stretch for her to stay close to me as we walk and run in her new darkness. The training of her excellent recall was time well spent, and especially now. After a good jaunt we head back towards the sidewalk and with a quick snap of leash to the harness ring at her withers, we’re off homeward. I am her ‘Seeing Eye Human’.

serenity-pendantWe’re getting used to new commands such as ‘Step Up’ and ‘Step down’ when arriving at steps or sidewalk curbs, and the harness is a huge improvement over the harmful neck-pulling that using her collar would have caused. I’m so glad I’d already taught her the command ‘Wait’ because it has helped immensely with having her pause and slow down (rather than fall down, or up) at the three stairs that lead into and out of our house.

Over the past few days, the example my dog offers has helped me go from time spent crying to understanding that everything is really okay. Blindness is, boiled down to a point, only one of the senses. Yes it is a very important one, but the lack of it does not end our lives. Life goes on. We go on. Life is all about accepting the things we cannot change.

Generating angst in ourselves, gnashing our teeth and pulling our hair, looking skyward and crying out Why?! This energy needs to be allowed out, as I did during my day of crying, but then we dry ourselves off, pick ourselves up, and step up. We must let go of the grief. Things change. Life is all about change. We realize that the sun keeps rising and life goes on. Day by day.

Remember the saying, ‘God does not make fruit grow on a limb too weak to bear its weight.’  This reminds me that God would not give me (or anyone) a challenge we cannot handle.

My beloved dog is handling her sudden blindness with grace and calm, displaying how to accept the things we cannot change.  And I am learning from her example, with gratitude.

Inside ~ Outside


Inside ~ Outside


My day started grey

Inside and out

Words waiting to write

But hidden in doubt


Until I remembered

This light of mine

Has much to share

And sometimes needs time


Time to just ponder

And spend time within

Being gentle with self

Letting go of chagrin


Accepting the tears

Yet knowing I need

To get out of my head

Let my dog intercede


She pulls me outside

And straight down the block

To the huge grassy park

For a brisk morning walk


I let the ball fly

And she runs like the wind

Always returning

Helping blues rescind


She runs the most

But I do as well

Feeling my heart pound

Kissing sadness farewell.


Copyright © 2012 Professions for PEACE


Thank You Dog

My head is swimming with technological data. I am doing my best to hold onto the steep learning curve I’m riding today. Being the mind-reader that I am convinced she is, I look over and my dog raises her head to look pointedly at me, as if to say, “We could go for a walk, you know. It would make you feel better.”  How does she know these things?

Enough computer for a while, enough learning and thinking and problem solving for me right now. Time for a walk, to admire the new green growth in gardens along the way, to smile at people I’ll see on the block, and to get to the green off-leash area. There I will find joy from encouraging my Nikki-girl to run and run and run. That enticing ball of hers keeps trying to get away! I shall return with a refreshed mind and spirit.

Thank you God for this wee dog.


photo courtesy of Randy Gilpin ~