Upcycled Rakes and More

by Osborne Lorlinda

This gorgeous painting by my talented friend Lorlinda helps soothe my longing for spring!

Freezing cold temperatures and piles of snow are keeping me housebound, so I’ve been doing my best to stay busy with tidying, sorting, organizing, and cleaning.

These tasks are a great way to stay busy when I really want to be gardening! I can’t do anything for a while yet in my frozen yard. So I house clean, but before I get back to it, here’s images of new purposes for old possessions. I hope you enjoy these clever ideas for upcycling old objects and giving them a new life.

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14 thoughts on “Upcycled Rakes and More

  1. OMG Gina, I am so flattered that you used one of my paintings in your blog. You made my day! Thank you again Soul Sister, Lorlinda
    P.S. BTW great post!

    1. Hooray! I was hoping to surprise you with this share of one of my faves from your wonderful gallery. I’m so glad I made your day, sweet friend. Truly, that poppy cheers my heart and brightens my spirits in my snowy northern clime. Hugs to you my Soul Sister! 🙂 Gina

  2. Gina, you made my day with these examples of upcycling. I haven’t had the time lately to do a proper post on this subject so I appreciate your taking the time to put these together in a lovely slide show.

    1. Bless your heart Lois! Your kind compliment cheers my day 🙂 and while I’ve been away, I’m eager to do some catching up. See you soon!

  3. Gina, these are wonderful ideas for up-cycling .. Thank you… I am sure we have a few old garden fork heads laying around the shed 😉 .. And that painting of your friend is beautiful.. 🙂 Lovely art work… And although its raining again here at the moment.. We have had a few spring like days.. So Looking forward to Spring to be Sprung very soon… I hope it soon arrives where you are too.. Love and Hugs Sue xox

    1. Yes dear Sue, I am SO with you there…. waiting and waiting for Spring to be Sprung! 😉 So glad you enjoyed these upcycled ideas. Every one makes me want to cheer for the creative folks that first had the idea, then shared it so we can be inspired! Hugs to you my friend. Gina xo

    1. Hooray! I’m glad you enjoyed this post Jamie, and I too think those ideas are so clever. And I’m just delighted that my friend’s art has received such great reviews. Win-Win’s all around! 😀 Hugs to you my friend, Gina

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