Heralds of Hope under the Snow


It’s nearly March and I’m dreaming of Spring! The actual season is a long ways off, mind you. Sure, I might be counting the days until the Vernal Equinox (25!) but the number of weeks until I can begin gardening is 12, not 3 and a bit. Yup, twelve whole weeks to go!

Although many gardening enthusiasts (myself included) start working in the garden on the third weekend in May, it’s recommended to wait until the first of June because where I live in Zone 3b we can easily have frost any day in May. But for me, if the weather seems fine I’ll risk up to half of my seedlings and bedding plants by ‘jumping the gun’ and planting out around the 20th of May.


However here we are entering the last week of February, and hardening off and planting out my gardens is far away. So I’ve been busy with a fruitful winter activity: organizing. As I recently posted about, my home office area has been completed. So I’m onto other areas, specifically the kitchen cupboards and pantry, as well as my hall closet. In a small house things can get cluttered quickly so diligence is key.

As with many things in life regarding growth and improvements, it often gets worse before it gets better. I remind myself this as I clean out under the sink, empty a closet, or sort through a junk drawer. Everything must come out, and what a mess it makes! Remembering ‘everything gets worse before it gets better’ helps me remain undaunted as I keep my eye on the organized prize and plow through the sorting and purging process.


I’ll post about my organizing process soon and share how I get through the clutter to the sweet prize of enjoying organized systems, but for now I will share lovely thoughts of spring. Even as the temperature drops again to -25C and my recently thawed windows have frozen shut once again, I am dreaming of daffodils.

Daffodils! Those stalwart stewards of Spring, hardy bulbs of beauty bursting up through half-frozen ground to herald the return of the growing season.


As I gaze out icy windows at foot high mounds of snow on my perennial gardens, I take heart that beneath that blanket of snow are tenacious tiny bulbs that will bloom before anything else.

Tall purple fireworks balls of Alliums, clusters of sky-blue Chionadoxa, spreading carpets of Muscari, and of course all kinds of cheerful Narcissus. Under that blanket of snow are waiting cheerful messengers of Spring, my heralds of hope. No one can see them, but I know they are there. Dynamic bulbs of beauty that will bravely bloom first.

Their presence gives me hope and the glow of warming sunshine in my heart. Wishing you the joy of lengthening days bringing the effervescent promise of Spring.

16 thoughts on “Heralds of Hope under the Snow

  1. I feel exactly the same. I want spring to arrive so badly! Last year I jumped the gun on planting my seedlings and lost darn near everyone one when we had a last frost. It was the first time I ever planted before June 1st and I don’t think I will ever do it again. Right now I’m wondering if the ground will be ready come June first. 😦

    To keep myself busy I am tweaking things around the home. I already donated a large bag of items I no longer needed or used so now it’s just a matter of giving things a fresh look.

    1. Lois, it sounds like we’re doing the same kinds of things to keep distracted from this never-ending winter! Okay when my son hears me say things like that he reminds me it IS still February…. but still! I am craving Spring! At least the days are getting longer, thankfully. So yes, I’m keeping busy with sorting through the closets and other kinds of indoor tasks that certainly won’t get done once Spring does arrive.
      It’s always wonderful to hear from you my friend, and now I’m happily heading over to see what you’ve been up to at your blog. Cheers, Gina

      1. Gina, it may only be February but at least in my area we usually get a 2 week break with warmer temps, still needing a coat but at least not frigid, which melts the snow and gives us that break we need to manage the rest of winter without getting cabin fever. This year we never had our break and have instead had months long of below freezing temperatures….that we never get.

        Glad you are keeping busy to manage.

        1. Lois my friend, your kind comment brightens this cold winter day for me. At least where I live it’s often sunny but even that hardly cheers my spirits when the windows are iced shut! SIGH. So yes, let’s hear it for breaks (which is coming!) and sleeping bulbs of beauty. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with your welcomed visits. Hugs! Gina

  2. What a beautiful post, Gina! I ordered the seeds this week for my garden – I’ll have to be satisfied with that for the time-being. But it’s exciting to be thinking of starting my tomatoes in a few weeks. At least I’ll have something to care for until spring arrives!

    1. Hi Cathy! I’m so glad you found this post to be beautiful – me too. 😉 These paintings are all lovely, even the picturesque painting of winter by Tom Brown. But oh those daffodils make me smile! So, like you, I’m selecting seeds and deciding on plants and happily beginning the planning process already. Good luck with your tomatoes! Hugs, Gina

  3. You are so right – everything has to get worse before it gets better! and we are having the same winter ‘absorbing’ activity – organizing 🙂 Glad you find my blog (although I am on the move..) and so I found yours.

    1. Hello and welcome! Yes I’m sad I’ve missed out on your great blog as I’ve just discovered it and you’re moving to self-hosted! I’m happy for you but do find it harder to keep up with my friends who’ve transferred to the ‘other side’. 😉 Glad you’re organizing too. A great activity to do when we’re confined indoors (and away from our gardens!)

      1. I hope I’ll stop by at yours anyway, what’s that saying – better later than never… It’s just the same as the free-hosted but I wanted to have control over my files and be able to open a seed shop. I’ll have a subscribe to form available soon.

  4. I love the art you shared. I tend to want to jump into the garden too soon also. Your words about it getting worse before it gets better, struck a personal chord for me. I will remember them, as I am working through my physical therapy, and will keep a vision of your lovely art as my focus and words as a mantra. Keep dreaming of spring, we are almost there. Best, Kim

    1. Hello dear Kim! I’m so glad you found comfort in this lovely art and what I’ve learned, that it gets worse before it gets better – this helps me hang IN there when it feels like I’m heading backwards because that’s an illusion and it WILL get better soon. Hugs to you! Gina

  5. I feel like spring will never get here. and its already the first week in March… the 8 inches of snow we just got is not helping morale at all. Beautiful artwork in this post, thank you.

    1. Oh it’s a long cold winter, isn’t it? Ya morale is feeling pretty low, so I’d hoped to bring some cheer as we remember the sleeping bulbs and plants that WILL come up and bring their beauty… soon. (not soon enough but oh well). Thanks for coming over to my little place. I really enjoy your blog! Cheers, Gina

        1. How wonderful! I love a yard filled with bulbs. My clustered groups are growing in size, slowly but surely. Well except for the ones decimated by the hares and squirrels. The Snowdrops didn’t stand a chance but the Muscari and Alliums and Daffodils are there!


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