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Art by Leonid Afremov
Art by Leonid Afremov

I have a home office that is tiny yet nonetheless perfect for me. It contains everything I need and then some. I repurposed a second-hand corner desk to now be a pair of glass desks, side by side.

When seated at my desk area, I face a bright window that looks out to the trees and clouds. Under my keyboard and mouse pad is a green fabric table runner (folded in half) for comfort from the cold glass. To stay out of the direct path of sunlight, you’ll see my pair of computer monitors are tucked over to the right, leaving the left desk open for crafting, reading and more.

office nook 1In this compact space when moving my chair from one desk to the other I have to negotiate the chair castors around the desk legs but that’s no problem.

This set up took a little while to figure out, and then once I decided upon the shelving system, it all came together beautifully.

The opening of this ‘nook’ is four feet, one and a half inches. So while I contemplated having wood cut to fit exactly, I ended up going with pre-finished shelves. As you may notice, there’s a gap at one end of each shelf but my bins and magazine holders close it up nicely.

I also decided on varying widths for the 4-foot shelves. Two are the narrowest option at eight inches deep. These are at the top for rarely accessed paperbacks and memorabilia, and the bottom shelf taking up the least space possible on this frequently used shelf. Another one is 10 inches deep; it’s the second one up from the bottom with frequently accessed binders and projects. And the last shelf is a foot deep and holds 13” deep bins with maps and greeting cards, as well as with magazine holders and a stack of infrequently used books.

office nook basket 1Below the shelves is a very handy craft supply ‘catch all’ from the uber organized Ikea. Designed for kitchens, this rod with S-hooks and one hanging basket is superlative for getting organized in a small space.

On the left open desk area, also from Ikea, is a translucent desk mat under which I’ve slid the back cover of last year’s calendar which handily displays all of this 2014 year at a glance. I love it!

So there you go. Ta da! My tiny yet delightful home office ‘nook’ created out of an odd little corner that was left over when the previous owners bumped out the master closet into this guest room. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and now that I’m all organized on the other side, it’s a win-win!

Here’s the tools you’ll need for installing Standard Rail and Bracket shelving:
Measuring tape / Stud sensor / Philips-head screwdriver / Level / Hammer

standard amd bracket diynetwork
source: DIY Network

And here’s the link to visit the DIY Network for clear step-by-step instructions to get the job done. I did it all by myself in about an hour. Oh, a drill might be nice though! I’m a pretty big strong gal and it still took quite a bit of torque (aka muscle) to turn those screws fully into the wooden 2×4 studs. Just saying.

Home Depot Standard Shelf System: Approximately $50
Two (2) 4-foot shelves, 8-inches wide
One (1) 4-foot shelf, 10-inches wide
One (1) 4-foot shelf, 12-inches wide
Three (3) 4-foot lengths of standard rails
Twelve (12) brackets for corresponding shelf width
Box of 100 #8 Philips wood screws (more than enough)
(Already had tools required)

Ikea Product Names (prices subject to change): Approximately $40
BYGEL Rail $2.99
BYGEL wire basket $3.49
BYGEL S-hooks $1.99/10 pack
KASSETT Box with lid, Large $8.99/2 pack (I bought 3 different pairs for about $25)
FLYT magazine files $2.99/5 pack (I bought 2 packs)

For under $100 and in less than half a day (including purchasing items) I created a wall of shelves that helped inspire my completion of this lovely office nook for myself. It inspires me everyday. I hope you are inspired as well. Carve out your own office ‘nook’ even if you have lots of space. Cheers!

18 thoughts on “Organized Office Nook

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! I’ll still do posts on HOW I got through the clutter to get this area tidy. Now THAT took more than one day. 😉 Thanks again. Cheers, Gina

    1. Thanks Kendra and I’ll be right over! 😉 I don’t think I could do anyone else’s space, but I’ll try to show how I work through and find order. 🙂 I enjoy sharing what’s working, and I’m so happy I made this goal come true a while ago. Decided I might as well share this area as a post, this place where I love to write. hugs, Gina

    1. Well it is pretty special Russ, thanks! 😉 I crafted this neat space a while back. Decided to post about it now since a couple of friends I showed my cell pics to loved this idea so much. I hoped others would too. 🙂 Thanks again so much for your kind wishes my friend. Gina

    1. Thanks Amy! I looked at so many photos of organized scrapbookers’ spaces to find inspiration. Now I’m glad to pass along my own nicely organized space. And if I can do it, anyone can do it! 😀

  1. This excites me…and I thought my creative space was small. Dont you just love the options available with home depot and Ikea,Kudos to you for the creative nook you carved for yourself 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for this great comment. I agree, there really are lots of options out there to help us out. Thanks again for your visit and comments. Cheers! Gina 🙂

  2. Very impressive… And can not believe you did ALL of that under a day .. My small spare bedroom doubles up as my Art room.. I seriously need to revamp and have a tidy up.. and get rid of things Hubby has stored in there lol… You have inspired me.. to get cracking! 🙂 xxx Hugs

    1. Thanks so much Sue! And yes – the actual project itself went quickly but I really need to do some posts about HOW to get organized, since the groundwork including visualizing it before it was completed took longer than a day. 😀 Here’s to sorting through our stuff and carving neatly organized spaces to work, play, and live in. Hugs to you my friend. xo Gina

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