Lovely Upcycled Cans

Art by Joanne Hall
Art by Joanne Hall

Rather than always tossing them directly into recycling, here’s some images I’ve gathered to celebrate the elevation of cans. Let’s get creative with upcycling and give a second life to utilitarian food cans. May these ideas help inspire our own creative projects.

Joanne Hall is the artist who created this particular painting that brightens my heart. It has the delightful title of Ode To A Tin Can With Lilacs and is the inspiration for today’s post.

As you may have gathered, I’m absolutely enchanted with sharing at least one work of art with each of my posts these days (and for the foreseeable future). I will always include a link to the source of the art if any reader might like to learn more about the artist and where to purchase their paintings. Links are at the bottom of the post or in the image.

source: Martha Stewart
source: Martha Stewart

Back to giving new life to old cans, I adore a cluster of cans that have been brightened up with paper or paint to hold flowers. At my own wedding I wallpapered cans to hold a collection of white flowers. So while I’ve done some crafting with cans, a few of these ideas are brand new to me.

I love these cork-covered cans complete with dog silhouette stencils. The table number and luminary ideas are perfect for brightening evening soirees. And I’m always looking for ideas to help tame my scarf collection and this image of a bundle of cans tied together is clever!

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. ~ Wikipedia

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8 thoughts on “Lovely Upcycled Cans

  1. Great ideas you found for your post and I love the idea of covering cans with wallpaper for your wedding, so smart. I save cans too and use them for many purposes from storing art supplies and children’s crayons to starting flower seeds in them.

    1. We’re birds of a feather Lois! Thanks for your great comment and sharing some of the ways you’re using them around your house. I love the idea of starting seeds in them. Cheers, Gina

    1. Thanks Cathy! I agree. I have done small stars and such with cans in the past, but I like what they’ve done here. Lots of holes with a great design makes really beautiful lanterns. 😀

  2. I love upcycling old cans and you’ve shown some really great examples Gina! And the tin can with the lilacs painting is gorgeous! That will definitely be inspiring a future floral arrangement!

    1. Thanks Kenley! And yes, I love that painting too. I can almost smell the lilacs even though they’re still months away (where I live). So glad you enjoyed. Cheers, Gina

  3. We made some punched tin lights for Christmas gifts, in the class of young adults with mild intellectual disabilities I teach. They loved using the drill and the lights looked lovely. I think this year though, we might try some like the stencilled dog ones you’ve shown. Terrific ideas!

    1. That’s wonderful you made punched tin lights with your class. The drill is SO much easier than years ago when I thought I was so clever freezing water in the cans and then using a hammer and nail. Ah, learning! Keeps life interesting. So happy that you’re inspired to try wrapping cans with stencilled cork tiles for another class. Thanks for your great comment. 🙂

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