Taming Scarves, Corralling Caps

Art by Clair Hartmann
Art by Clair Hartmann

Well it’s official. My PORTIS coat stand from Ikea works better for coats and hats than for organizing my scarf collection. Granted I may have reached my maximum capacity for scarf storage and might finally have to sacrifice the acquisition of new scarves. Although that sounds rather drastic. I have so few indulgences, and bright scarves make me happy!

portis-hat-and-coat-stand sm

Okay then, now to rescue my colourful treasures from their ineffective storage and to try out one or more of these great ideas in the slideshow I’ve compiled. I do have quite a few scarves and need lots of storage, so I keep admiring the ladder image. Or, maybe I’ll try the Ikea towel bars with s-hooks and binder-type clips. But I also really like the shower-curtain rings on a hanger idea. That’s so easy, but it might get bulky. I will keep you posted on what works best for my abundance of scarves. 

Plus I want to find a better solution for storing our baseball caps and wide-rimmed hats. As we don’t have too many ball caps, the stack in the front coat closet works all right but using a hanger with some hooks looks appealing to me! And for my few but delightful summer hats I really like the idea of storing them from hanger hooks.

I feel truly motivated, and I hope you do as well. Anything that can be done to clear clutter and make finding things easier helps raise our joy factor. I say let’s get going! May our creative spark for storage ideas be jump-started with this collection I’ve gathered. Let the organizing commence.

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Source 1  [Ikea stand & most slideshow images from Google.com; a few images from links below]

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9 thoughts on “Taming Scarves, Corralling Caps

  1. There is something about an old ladder I love, then I think about having to clean around it and decide it’s not for me. 🙂 Hope you find a solution that works.

    1. I’m liking the towel bar idea best now, particularly because I don’t have a funky wooden ladder like that yet. I have an old one in the garden but I wouldn’t put my scarves on it. LOL 😉 Thanks so much for commenting Lois! Gina

  2. Some ideas there I can use, you see I don’t know it all.
    I am luckey mypommepall.wordpress is the organiser.
    She will get a suprise when I do the cortain ring trick for my caps.

  3. Love the shower ring idea, at the moment my scarves are folded in my bottom drawer.. I had an extra clear out of wardrobe and drawers just after Christmas, as I put things for the Charity Shops Collection… Great ideas Gina… thank you xox

    1. I’m so glad you like the shower ring idea Sue. Even last night I was looking at where exactly I’ll put some towel bars assigned for scarves. Getting organized feels great! Thanks as always dear Sue, for your visit and comment! Hugs, Gina xo

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