Beautiful Beets

Art by Delilah Smith
Art by Delilah Smith

Let’s introduce more beets into our meals by adding them in new ways. There are endless recipes for turning them into salads, side dishes, and even smoothies! I don’t eat enough beets I’ll admit it, but now is the time to add more. I’ve always enjoyed pickled beets but I haven’t got any of those (yet) so I enjoy them at salad bars (when we eat out).

And this year when I undertake solo canning for the first time, they’re a produce to be included in that adventure for sure. These ideas motivate me to stop at this lovely vegetable while getting other produce and buy beets too. I’ll remember how easy it is to remain stain-free by using rubber gloves (or latex – whatever they are, a new pair is awesome for peeling skins off lightly cooled, roasted beets). Grow your own or buy organic whenever possible.

3 large beets (or one bunch of beets)
Let the beets sit a week on the counter to sweeten them up
3 or 4 apples AND about 3 carrots
Half a lemon (or all if you want!)
1 or 2 juiced oranges
Fresh parsley or 1 green onion (for optional garnish)
In a food processor, separately shred the beets, carrots, and apples. Once shredded, combine them into a bowl. This mixture is colorful and gorgeous! Be careful, your hands may turn pink from the beets! With a hand juicer or another hand press, juice the oranges onto your salad. Feel free to add as much sweet citrus juice as you would like. Squirt on the juice of the lemon. This blend also tastes wonderful with a squeezed grapefruit on top! Garnish with chopped green onions or small bits of parsley. You can either eat this salad out of the bowl, or organize this shredded salad into hearts on serving plates! Source
The above recipe author at Rawfully Organic also calls this a Beeting Heart Salad. What an adorable name to give any beet salad as we serve it to ourselves and our nearest and dearest, especially on February 14th for Valentine’s Day? I love that. Although every day is be heart-healthy day and let’s enjoy beets on a regular basis, next month I’ll be serving my family beets with an introduction of my ‘Beeting Hearts Salad made with love from my beating heart to yours’. Yes, I really do say corny things like that.

Art by Melody Polakow Sesame Beet Salad with Ginger Chai Dressing
Photo Art by Melody Polakow
Sesame Beet Salad with Ginger Chai Dressing

Melody Polakow provides her readers with works of art to look at and to eat. I encourage you to click on the links I’ve provided to visit her site. Of this gorgeous looking and healthy beet salad, she writes:
“I absolutely love beets! Their natural sweetness really satisfies any cravings I have, even when eaten in savory dishes. I made this simple mostly raw beet salad today in less than 5 minutes. I mixed my Sesame Ginger Chia Dressing  and my Habanero Sauce together and oh my god! It was soo good! Habanero and beets… what an amazing combination. You have to try it! Cilantro, beet greens, sesame and sunflower seeds added the final touches to this amazing salad.” I agree: We do have to try this! Thank you for all you share Melody. De-lish Source. Also click here to see Melody’s ROASTED BEET SALAD recipe.

from Oasis Advanced Wellness – makes 2 to 4 servings
5 small beets with greens, washed and chopped
1 large carrot (greens into compost), washed and chopped
2 cups seedless grapes (preferably red or black)
Process all in a juice extractor. Enjoy! Source

by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram at
5-6 Honeycrip or Fuji Apples
1 Large Beet with Greens
Half a Sweet Potato
Thumb of Ginger
Directions: Prep (washing, chopping as needed) then process all ingredients through a juicer and strain into a jar. Chill and enjoy! Source

Yum. These recipes seem absolutely delicious to me, and super easy to do. That’s it… I’m buying a juicer! Please share in the comments what brand you’re using if you’d like to recommend one. That would be great. Fresh juice is such a fantastic way to extract all the good stuff from vegetables and fruits.

Natural immune booster with anti-inflammatory components.
Stimulates liver function and helps purify the blood.
Benefits digestive tract health and is a natural colon cleanser.
Rich in B vitamin folate, fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper & phosphorus.
Helps counteract cancer and appears to slow tumor-cell growth.
Low in calories, beets help reduce cholesterol and prevent cataracts.

Wow! Sign me up for more of these too-often overlooked, superstar veggies. How about you? What are your fave ways to partake in beets?

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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Beets

  1. Don’t forget about those tops — that’s where the REAL nutrition and flavor lies! Chopped into a fresh salad, they add a certain saltiness and flavor. I like to wilt them at the end of any stir-fry, or cube the root into 1/2″ pieces and steam together with the greens-and-stems, served warm over soba noodles with a dash of balsamic. Not much kitchen work is really needed with this very flexible plant.

    As for gardening, they grow with ZERO work in quality soil; just follow your zone’s planting requirements and throw the seed straight into the plot. As the root develops, you can cut a few fresh leaves throughout the season for salads and other dishes, and once the root is a desirable size, pull and consume the ENTIRE plant. No waste at all!

    Nice post, as usual.

    1. Thanks SO much for this excellent addition to my celebration of beets! I adore the greens already and did forget to include them in this post which is more about the root, but now I have a good start for another post: Beautiful Beet Greens!
      Just one thing with living in somewhat arid prairies is that I’ve not had luck with beets (yet – I’ll keep trying) because they are so darn thirsty! They do need lots of water, as do most root veggies, and – well – like I said, I’ll keep working to discover a solution. Any ideas to maximize watering for beets?
      Hugs to you always Shannon! xo Gina

    1. Hi Kenley. Thanks so much for your visit and cheer of support! Yes that photo blew me away, and the recipe is completely do-able. Maybe this will help us both warm up to beets. 🙂
      Cheers, Gina


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