Year of the Horse Crafts

Andre Beaulieu

Art by Andre Beaulieu

The Chinese New Year in 2014 arrives next week on January 31st, and in the interest of keeping our joy factor up and stress level down here’s some crafting ideas in advance.

With notice we have more time to assemble supplies needed for crafts we want to create for the children we share our lives with, or even just for those of us who don’t hear the ‘pitter patter of little feet’. I like these earrings, and the horseshoe craft looks fun to assemble and would make a nice gift. I like to encourage play and projects for kids of all ages so I’ve included ideas to help promote creative outlets for everyone.

The sources for these images, including the painting, are in the numbered links at the bottom of this post. May you and any and all of the young people in your life enjoy these crafting ideas to help welcome in the Year of the Horse.

running-horse coloring page015-horse-coloring-picture
tube cup popsicle stick ponyhorse tube crafthorse craftpony bead horsehead patterncandycane horses popsicle horse wine cork horse moveable horse craft pool noodle horse
horse shoe bead arthorse earrings
Craftiments Chinese New Year of the Horse Paper Craft
And yes, this last one is more of an outdoor activity than a craft obviously but I absolutely adore this photograph of this incredible snow sculpture and wanted to share it. Unfortunately the source where I found it doesn’t have instructions either but, like many of these images, this post is all about generating some ideas and getting creative. Are you feeling creative yet?
horse snow creation

Sources 12345678910111213141516

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