Funny Garden Signs

I wanted to share a chuckle with you today. Happy Spring!

therapy cheaper than tomatoes


it was prettier in the cataloguegardening-forever-housework-whenever-signetsy-God made rainy days
tumblr_beware of owner garden sign kinky-as-a-cheap-garden-hose

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28 thoughts on “Funny Garden Signs

  1. I like this…as I am watching rain LOLs
    cleaning (taking a break)
    Thank you for the smile

    1. Aren’t these signs awesome?! Well they are ‘around town’ if you mean on the web ;). I have a Beware of Dog sign (although she’s not that scary) but the Beware of Owner sign makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it! I might have to make one of those for my side gate! And the ‘It looked prettier in the catalogue’ cracks me up too. So many signs, so little space!

    1. Aren’t these hilarious?! Yes I love those housework ones too. So funny, yet so true! So glad I could share a laugh with you Shannon, like I had when compiling them. Cheers! Gina

    1. πŸ˜€ So true, you wise weeder you! You and me both.. the neighbors thinking we’re nuts, happily weeding in the rain (ok a drizzle really… downpours send me indoors). Hugs to you Jamie! xo Gina

    1. Bless your heart Joe!
      Oh my gosh I apologize for having not signed on here for weeks as I have thrown myself completely into the design and creation of a comprehensive organic native perennials garden in my front yard. We have a very short growing season and at last we can start working the soil and I’m out there every day (all day it feels like).
      So hopefully better late-than-never: Thank You So Much for sharing your kindness by including this blog in your list of nominees. Your kindness is deeply appreciated and I look forward to setting aside some time to come visit your site and enjoy reading through all that I’ve missed lately.
      Hugs, Gina

  2. Thanks, Gina. I’ve been a little sad lately, mainly with the politics of my chosen profession. And your post reminded me of a paper my son wrote a couple years ago, about human resources, and one of the chief among them… humor. Think I’ll carry “It was prettier in the catalogue” with me through the next weeks. It has political implications πŸ™‚

    1. Hello and thanks for this Janice!
      I apologize for this tardy reply but am happy to have carved out some time to come back here and find your welcomed comment. Yes, political drama at our work is so exhausting, and that ‘It was prettier in the catalogue’ is perfectly clever.. for gardens and some workplaces. I love it. Hang in there! And I look forward to getting myself OUT of my garden once in a while to come back here more frequently and will be over for a visit and a nice read-through ‘catch up’ soon.
      Hugs, Gina πŸ™‚

  3. Gina! Rattling your cage. Missing your posts and I hope that your busy-ness is what is keeping you away from blogging. It certainly is with me. I’ll drop you a quick line via email. Well wishes and green spring energy coming your way from Texas. Hugs. ~ Shannon

    1. Hello sweet Shannon! πŸ™‚ I have been FAR too long away and send my hugs from Alberta. I have been completely immersed in big gardening projects as well as helping a couple of others with their gardens. I have just not been signing on, or even turning on my computer for days (gasp!). But it feels good to have carved out some time to be here (cool rainy weather helps) and am delighted by your wonderful comment. I can’t wait to come over and visit your amazing blog ASAP. xo Hugs, Gina

    2. You’re so funny! I’ve seen all your grubby, dirty footprints on my latest posts. You’re welcome to leave garden soil on my carpet anytime. Miss you and the blogging fun, but life has taken me by the shoulders and steered me into more (ahem) important things, like a remodel, homeschooling, and summer “fun” with four kids in an apartment 24/7. Fun.

      So nice to know it’s gardening keeping you away. You’re getting dirty where I’m not, so I’ll have to live vicariously through your endeavors for a bit. But Hey! I’m pulling the first of tomatoes and eggplant from a very neglected and abandoned garden. See? They don’t need me after all. Now if I could get my kids in the same frame of mind…

      Cheers to you, Lady! And happy, happy gardening.

      1. Oh dearest Shannon, how sorry I am that this turned out to be my summer of sadness which prevented me from regaling you with fun and interesting posts on gardening and living green. The recycling and green choices have always continued, just without the energy to sign on here. So please forgive my unintentional neglect as I now return with gusto to posting and definitely visiting and commenting all over your fantastic site, leaving my happy muddy footprints all over the place!

        Trying to find a gardening metaphor here, sometimes the growth and real work is going on in the darkness before it can re-emerge into the light. It feels good to be back to find your always-delightful comments, dear heart. Hugs to you, and here’s to a return to happy gardening (okay harvesting and then onto indoor gardening for this northerner, but you know what I mean!) xo Gina

    1. How happy am I to be in a pea-pod with Shannon! You join in too ‘k and we’ll plant our happy, environmental, muddy footprints all over the place! πŸ˜€

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