Re-purposed Gardens!

This re-purposed door-hanger shoe-rack idea is brilliant! I’ve used one for art supplies, but I think I’ll be doing this now. In a small urban garden, any idea for growing more in less space is worth investigating! And how clever is it to re-purpose eavestrough gutters attached to sunny garage or shed exteriors, or to the fence, to enjoy small food crops like radishes and salad greens of all kinds?! Incredible. The slight angle is perfect for offering natural drainage. I like all these ideas! I hope you enjoy as well. 

coffee can garden

garden bicycle

I highly recommend a visit to this site with great photos and step-by-step directions on how to build your own hanging gutter garden and it even includes recommended plants, and photos of the garden as it develops!


3 thoughts on “Re-purposed Gardens!

  1. How wonderful! I am delighted that any of these images could be of inspiration to you, and that little toolbox is especially inspiring to me. I have only a few herbs this year. I plan on doing more next year! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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