Re-purposed Satellite dishes and Windows

These great ideas send my mind whirling to all the things that can be done with old unused items rather than sending them off to landfill sites. Sincerest gratitude to these individuals who so kindly share their amazing creativity with us all via the World Wide Web. May we all become inspired with something around our own homes, and endeavour to give these things new life (and keep them out of landfills). Blessings! 

Satellite Dishes

Old Windows

Greenhouse kits are expensive! The creator of this Instructables has created a 7 ft. high x 10 ft. deep x 6 ft. wide greenhouse (second image here) from windows salvaged from his neighbors, who were preforming upgrades. The only new materials were lumber, frame, screws, caulk and latches. Though it seems like a bit of a puzzle to assemble the windows, the end product is truly unique and 100% functional. Visit this Instructables (click on link above) to follow all the photos and instructions provided.

Here are a few more things we can do with old windows!

2 thoughts on “Re-purposed Satellite dishes and Windows

  1. Cool! Thank you for the great ideas, Gina. My wife has a friend who is an artist and uses old wood-framed windows as her “canvas”. She paints right on the glass as well as the wood. Her pieces are very nice. We have an old wood-framed stained glass piece hanging in front of our bathroom window (on the inside). It is beautiful in the morning light!


  2. I love the Satellite Dish as an arbor. cover it with some beautiful vines!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for all the likes! I also love the background photo. Gorgeous.

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