Gifts from the Garden: Seed Packets

Gardeners know that the amount of seed we get from our gardens is always more than the average garden could use. This makes seeds from your garden perfect for collecting and sharing! Since my garden is a rather casual country-style garden, my choices include Hollycocks, Sunflowers, Sweet Peas, Scarlet Runner Beans, Johnny-Jump-Ups, Iceland Poppies, California Poppies, Goldenrod, Purple Coneflowers and others. You can also save seeds from your vegetable garden. Whatever you collect can be shared as lovely little gift packets. 


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Seed Packets

Seed savers have a ready made gift idea. Create a wonderful gift for another gardener, especially someone who has admired and enjoyed your garden. Package up some seeds and present them in a thoughtful way.


What You’ll Need

Saved flower or vegetable seeds

Small envelopes, preferably homemade 

An optional but lovely touch: Photos of the plant in your garden 

Growing instructions for the plant (printed or neatly hand-written)

Glue or tape


How to Assemble Your Seed Packets

Collect seed from your favorite open pollinated plants. Buy or make small envelopes. Print out a photo of the plant, taken in your garden and glue or tape it to the front of the envelope. Write or print the planting and care instructions. Attach the instructions to the back of the envelope. Seal the envelope, and share the joy of gardening!


Gift Giving Suggestions

Combine a few seed packets in a beautiful outdoor container and tuck in some gardening gloves and a hand spade.

Create a notebook for a new gardener! Share a few seed packets, photos and gardening tips along with planting directions.

Include your homemade packets of seeds in your holiday cards.  

10 thoughts on “Gifts from the Garden: Seed Packets

  1. I love this, I grow extra herbs and peppers to dry for gifts. But I love the idea of giving seeds, a mini power source of information all in one little package, the seed. I tell my daughter just like the acorn has all the information it needs to grow into a huge tree, so does she, to grow into a powerful, capable, amazing person.

    1. Wow.. Beautiful! What a wonderfully supportive thing to share with your daughter, and here as well! I am delighted you enjoyed this post. I’ve been thinking about what kinds of gifts can we give from the garden, and this idea delights me. Have done it and it feels so satisfying 🙂

    1. I agree Cathy! This is such a fun idea, and highly personable too. I can imagine crisp colour photos and printed directions on some, and all the way to a grandparent being delighted to receive a seed packet with a colorful crayon drawing of the flowers or veggies. So many ways to play with this idea. Thanks, as always dear one, for the visit and comment 🙂
      Love, Gina

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