The Kitchen Nano-Garden by Hyundai does not appear to be on the market yet, but there is a buzz all over the internet about it, and for good reason! It is an incredibly clever design using a compact footprint of floor-space while utilizing hydroponics and built in lighting. It even includes controls to alert you if the plants are too wet, too dry, or need some nutrients! It also functions as a natural air purifier to help freshen indoor air and remove unpleasant odors. Incredible. Of course when it is released it may be exorbitantly expensive. Let’s hope not. Let’s hope the designers have a larger vision to help it reach more households. Or hey! We could band together with family, neighbors, and friends and share the bounty! Just throwing an old-fashioned idea out there. 


Please note that these images are posted on multiple sites without a clear indicator of the source. Also I had hoped to find a distributor or even info at Hyundai to provide for you here but I could not source out anything helpful as of yet. I will stay on top of this delicious upcoming innovation and will provide details here as soon as I can obtain them.

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